I love these thoughts and it frustrates me that people sneeze at my work as ‘finger painting’. It is so much more and Early Childhood Education and Care needs to me valued so much more in our world.

Reishi Roberson, Llc.

“The New Cathedral is the social fabric that we will build with one another.” -unknown

Who we are begins in-utero and our earliest years, birth to seven. These years shape us dramatically through subtle events, so often overlooked: How we play as children, how our earliest movements are initiated or hindered, and how we “sense” things: our relationship to the rest of the world.

Renewal Magazine talks about strengthening the foundational senses of the young child. These foundational senses, how they are filled with grace, set the stage for how they will influence the four highest senses. The dutch Dr. Albert Soesman writes in his book, “Our Twelve Senses”, the paradigm of separating the senses into, four of each: lower, middle, and higher.

  • The Will/Foundational/Lower senses are how children relate to their own body: touch, life, movement, and balance.
  • The Feeling/ Middle senses relate us to the world around us:…

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