The move is done

I have officially moved into my new apartment on the Gold Coast. I’ve been here one week and am loving it. A bit homesick today but still trucking along. Have been to the gym in the complex for my happy hormone fix and it’s worked very nicely. Enjoying an iced coffee now as I plan the phonics outline for the first term.

I have set up most of my room and I’m mostly happy with it.

Will be posting photos soon.

Talk soon!


New apartment- just 10 days away!

It is just 10 days until I move out of my family home (with my mother and sister, one other sister has moved to Perth, Western Australia). I had a bit of a ‘moment’ the other day when I realised that I’ve been so bogged down in packing boxes and organising my things, that I somehow got tunnel vision and forgot about the reason for the move- to become a teacher!

I am feeling a little emotional about the move, mainly because I am so excited. The family I am leaving, particularly my Mum, I think are a little emotional. I am just so excited about the big move, but to be honest, on the day I think it will creep up on me.

Another part of me isn’t seeing this as a ‘moving out’ type thing. I’m only 1.5hrs down the road and I can come visit whenever I please (and they will come see me).

So much to do!


Classroom preparation (part one of what I think will be many!)

So the Christmas rush is over, my partner and I have secured a rental apartment for 2013 and we move in just under two weeks! I’ve packed just about everything that needs to be packed and am now onto arranging resources for our classroom next year.

I have had lots of ‘First day of school’ anxiety and questions that have popped up all of a sudden so have tried to be really proactive.

On K-3 Teacher Resources I have found so many useful resources. I paid about $25 for a year’s membership and it’s come in handy a whole lot. I downloaded a huge puzzle with 30 pieces in it. They are blank pieces for the children and I to decorate to put together as a whole-class puzzle. I will have 23 in my class, and I’ll make 24. Ideally, I’d like the children to think of 6 things we need to do so that the class can work together well. I’ll group the children to work on the last six pieces together so that they’re decorated. I think that will make a great first day activity for us to work on.

I’ve also seen on Pinterest, a treasure hunt to work through for all of the school supplies. I like the idea of that as it makes it a bit of a game and the children can collect ‘treasure’. I’m working on the list I’ve been given that they’ll have and how we can make it a fun experience!

How do you work your first day of school?