First Day Jitters

Hi all


I am trying to figure out how I can encourage the kids to talk about their feelings, worries, concerns, excitement, happiness, wonderings and all sorts from day one. 

I found these two snippets on Youtube that showcase the nerves and excitement of the first day.


and I really love this one…

I’m thinking of using these snippets to start a conversation about their feelings about being back at school. 

What do you do to ease nerves on the first day?


Classroom organisation

So my focus has shifted a little to the organisation of our classroom. This did arise from thoughts about the first day of school. To be truthful I didn’t get too far, as I stumbled across the school supplies list that will be at each child’s desk. Once I saw that, I started to consider how the supplies and resources will be organised. 


I stumbled across this blog, which has great ideas about classroom organisation. The colour coded baskets this teacher has are a great idea and I love them. It also fits quite well with the fact that the children are coming from Prep, and will not have had much experience in having their own resources to be responsible for. If I can ease the children into this slowly, by giving them a group basket to be responsible for, it should work quite nicely. 


I am considering making  one child each week responsible for counting all materials so that they are kept track of and that the ‘responsibility’ aspect of having personal items is established fairly quickly. I am thinking of linking the leaders into the weekly job chart.

I apologise if it seems I am ‘thinking out aloud’ a little too much, but this is the beginning of my journey at I’ve not had to do any of this for myself before! I’ve never been in a Year One Classroom! If you have any suggestions or tips please let me know! 

Jemma 🙂

Classroom preparation (part one of what I think will be many!)

So the Christmas rush is over, my partner and I have secured a rental apartment for 2013 and we move in just under two weeks! I’ve packed just about everything that needs to be packed and am now onto arranging resources for our classroom next year.

I have had lots of ‘First day of school’ anxiety and questions that have popped up all of a sudden so have tried to be really proactive.

On K-3 Teacher Resources I have found so many useful resources. I paid about $25 for a year’s membership and it’s come in handy a whole lot. I downloaded a huge puzzle with 30 pieces in it. They are blank pieces for the children and I to decorate to put together as a whole-class puzzle. I will have 23 in my class, and I’ll make 24. Ideally, I’d like the children to think of 6 things we need to do so that the class can work together well. I’ll group the children to work on the last six pieces together so that they’re decorated. I think that will make a great first day activity for us to work on.

I’ve also seen on Pinterest, a treasure hunt to work through for all of the school supplies. I like the idea of that as it makes it a bit of a game and the children can collect ‘treasure’. I’m working on the list I’ve been given that they’ll have and how we can make it a fun experience!

How do you work your first day of school?


Photos of my room-to-be

Today I visited the school where I will be teaching next year. I had access to the classroom where I’ll be in. It is MY classroom! The teacher who has used it this year has cleaned every inch of the room (gumption smell everywhere!) and carpets get steamed soon.

At the moment, all tables are pushed to the back of the room as my room will have new desks for next year! The children this year have had group tables, but next year children will have individual desks with ‘tidy trays’ underneath.

The staff in the school were so generous with EVERYTHING that I could have possibly needed today, so I am even more excited for next year!

Pictures are as follows, from different angles.

IMG_3532 IMG_3535 IMG_3534 IMG_3533 IMG_3531 IMG_3530 IMG_3529

I have lots of space to use, but I am finding it a bit tricky at the moment to get my thoughts organised, as I do not know what the desks will look like! All in good time!

I’ve found Pinterest a great help to get my thoughts organised!

Jemma 🙂


This blog will hopefully take you on a journey of my trials and tribulations, excitement, blood, sweat and tears and joys of my first year of teaching.

I have just graduated university in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) and am working in a Catholic school south of Brisbane. I am teaching Grade One (six year olds). I’ve not taught Grade One before. I have taught Prep and Grade Three. I am currently teaching in a Grade Two classroom two days per week, but it is the final weeks of the school year, so really it’s safe to say I don’t know a whole lot about Grade Two that could help me with Grade One!

Knowing where children will be coming from (Prep classrooms), will be a huge help to me.

I have included a photo of myself so you know what I look like as we start this journey together!

Reply, make suggestions and ask questions of my practice and I if you wish!